Alfred Hitchcock Day
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Master of Suspense!

When: March 12th

Where: United States

Traditional Celebration Ideas

Get your popcorn ready tonight and watch one of the all time suspense classic Hitchcock movies such as Psycho.  Read a book about Alfred Hitchcock.  Visit the hollywood star dedicated to Alfred.


With a budget of about $800,000 the film did surprisingly well at the box office, earning an impressive $50 million.


Often regarded as one of the most influential movie directors in history, Alfred Hitchcock was credited with making over 50 films.  Alfred was born in England but later moved to and took up residence in the United States ( California ).  He has also been referred to as the "master of suspense" with an odd sense of humor and dark imagination, Hitchcock made films ranging from the famous "North by Northwest" starring Cary Grant to one his most commercially successful films "Psycho" which has turned into a cultural iconic film.  It has been debated about the treatment of actors and actresses that worked on Hitchcock movies after famously referring to them as "working with cattle".  During an interview on the Dick Cavett show, Hitchcock playfully in his unique way denied saying that. Throughout 1955-1965, Hitchcock produced, created and hosted "Alfred Hitchcock Presents" which was full of suspense, mysteries and thrillers.  He had a penchant for casting blondes, and had a particular appreciation for actress Grace Kelly and cast her in three of his movies. 

Interesting Facts

  1. Although nominated many times Alfred Hitchcock never received a grammy award for Best Director.
  2. Although scheduled to shoot a movie scene in Disneyland, Disney reportedly turned Alfred away because they did not want to be associated with the director who made the movie "Psycho".
  3. Binge eating in his youth contributed to Alfred's obesity as an adult.
  4. In order to try and prevent people from knowing the ending of his movie, Alfred attempted to buy up all the original copies of the novel "Psycho".
  5. Hitchcock is the voice of the Jaws ride at Universal Studios.


  • March 12th
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