Benjamin Franklin Day
Is it really all about the Benjamins?

When: January 17th

Where: United States

Traditional Celebration Ideas

Read a book about the interesting life an numerous accomplishments by this great American. Go fly a kite. Conduct a science experiment and try to invent something new the world has not seen yet.


There are approximately 12 Billion 100 dollar bills currently in circulation today.


As one of the founding fathers the United States, Benjamin Franklin is one of the most important and influential men in American history.  Its difficult to begin to describe such and accomplished man.  His memory lives on, as he is the one of the most recognized faces of celebrated currency anywhere in the world, as he is the face on the United State's one hundred dollar bill.  As a printer, Benjamin became wealthy publishing a newspaper and the popular "Poor Richards Almanack".  As an inventor, he was responsible for inventing the bifocals, glass armonica, odometer and most famously electricity with his lightening rod experiment.  In matters of civic responsibility Benjamin was also very impactful and his influence and popularity allowed him to become a diplomat and one of the founding fathers of the United States of America.  A few of his most notable political accomplishments were help drafting the declaration of independence, the constitution and helping negotiate the treaty of Paris in 1783 to end the American Revolutionary War. 

Interesting Facts

  1. Benjamin Franklin had a son named William that remained loyal to Britain, he spent two years in prison because of his opposition to the revolution and eventually returned to live in England.  
  2. The commonly used Pro vs Con list in decision making was first attributed to Benjamin Franklin.
  3. Despite having earned numerous honorary degrees, Benjamin Franklin had only two years of formal education.
  4. He created the Phonetic Alphabet.
  5. His writing skills were noticed and appreciated even at an early age as a teenager.


  • January 17th
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