Black Friday
It's now on sale!

When: November 27th

Where: United States

Traditional Celebration Ideas

Study the all the potential sales on Thanksgiving day to be prepared and make a plan to take advantage of the best sales and deals from your local retailers. Remember that Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving so, in the United States you might want to spend the day going to the gym or doing some exercise after all the turkey and goodness you ate the day before.


According to research firm Consumer Growth Partners, people spent a record $68.9 billion between Thursday and Sunday, up 5.4%, according during the annual Black Friday shopping splurge.


If you have been waiting until the price of that huge television that you have had your eye on for awhile comes down in price, then today is your best chance.  On this day you might have already missed some of the rush that comes starts at midnight, with consumers lining up outside stores that open up for early or close later for the special Black Fridays sales.  Since the 1950's Americans have started shopping for gifts for Christmas right after Thanksgiving has concluded. In Philadelphia during this time, many people converged upon the city to shop as well as take in the Army-Navy game, leading the police to call the day "Black Friday" as they had to work long over times hours to police the large crowds. Over the years this tradition has grown larger and this fact is not lost on retailers who have spent millions of dollars on newly created ad campaigns to market to the shopping and sales of goods the day after Thanksgiving.  This popular tradition has started to spread to other countries around the world and now you can find similar practices of stores offering significant sales and savings.  

Interesting Facts

  1. The Farm Bureau of Financial Services estimates that the average consumer will spend about $472 shopping on Black Friday.
  2. Traditional Black Friday spending has started to shift from retail brick and mortar stores to online storefronts.
  3. The term “Black Friday” was used in reference to the stock market crashes of the 1800's.
  4. Plumbers are very busy on this holiday due to all the leftovers from Thanksgiving that eventually get disposed of and start clogging up kitchen sinks.
  5. Black Friday is one of the best days of the year to buy a new car.  As manufacturers get ready for the new upcoming years models, shoppers can save up a lot of money by purchasing the closeout years inventory.


  • November 27th
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