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Collect Rocks Day
Special Interest
"Don't be a hard rock when you really are a gem." -Lauryn Hill
Collect Rocks Day

When: September 16th

Where: United States

Traditional Celebration Ideas

Rocks can be found everywhere, so finding a rock and creating your own way to celebrate this day should be an easy task.  One idea is to find a bunch of unique flat rocks and paint an inspirational message on them, stack them high and place strategically along side a popular hiking trail.  Another great idea if you have faith in God and would like to remember to communicate by prayer, is the idea of using "Prayer Rock", usually a small smooth decorative stone placed by the bedside, that you might step on and be reminded to say your prayers before sleeping each night.


There are primarily 3 types of rock in the world, 1. igneous, 2. sedimentary, and 3. metamorphic.


Rocks are as old as the planet earth we all live on.  One type of rock called sedimentary rock, is formed by the help of wind and water erosion.  Once the sediment starts breaking off into pieces and gradually along with sand, pebbles, shells and plant matter gather into layers called sediment that over many years hardens into what is then called a rock.  Today rock collecting, or the more official sounding term of amateur geologist's, can be found collecting many types of rocks for various collections.  Another nickname for a person that likes to collect rocks is "Rockhound." 

Interesting Facts

  1. Jadeite is the most expensive rock, in the world at about $3 million dollars per carat.
  2. The famous Pet Rock was a collectible toy made in 1975 from smooth stones by Gary Dahl.
  3. The most time a rock has been thrown and skipped was when Kurt Steiner skipped one 88 times.
  4. Adam Ondra is said to be one of the worlds best rock climbers of all time.
  5. Diamonds are often considered the most collectable of all types of rocks.


  • September 16th
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