Columbus Day
Columbus Day / Native American Day

When: Second Monday of October

Where: United States

Traditional Celebration Ideas

Educational and historical discussions.   


Columbus sailed to the Americas a total of Four times  


It is said that Christopher Columbus sailed and discovered the Americas in October 12, 1492.  The La Pinta, Nina and Santa Maria are the famous three ships supposedly used during the voyage and is commonly taught in many elementary schools history classes in the United States. There is no disagreement that Columbus was an explorer and sailed the seas on vast voyages financed by the King and government in Spain.  There is much controversy however regarding the feats that have been recognized and celebrated by countries around the world namely the United States.  In recent years there have been much discussion and unrest around the statues that have been erected in the U.S to honor Christopher Columbus and to have a federal holiday in his honor.  The reason many people object to this holiday and statues have to do with the racist and brutal treatment of the Native Americans upon arrival in the new land.  As recent as 2020, many statues have been vandalized and torn down to reflect this discontent and injustice that seems to be celebrated every year by a holiday. After being arrested, chained up and returned to Spain for accusations of his brutal ruling behavior while in the Americas, Columbus was freed by the King and eventually even financed another voyage.

Interesting Facts

  1. Although widely credited for his voyages across the Atlantic, Columbus is thought not to be the first European to do so, that distinction by many scholars goes to Leif Eriksson a Norse Viking.
  2. Of the three Columbus' ships, the Santa Maria,  became a shipwreck and never made the return trip.
  3. Upon arriving to the shores of Cuba, Columbus thought he was on on mainland China.
  4. The first state to make Columbus Day an official, legal holiday, is Colorado.
  5. Some historians believe that Columbus and his men brought back syphilis on their return to Europe.


  • Second Monday of October
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