Eat A Red Apple Day
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An apple a day keeps the doctor away!

When: December 1st

Where: United States

Traditional Celebration Ideas

So many ways in which to enjoy a Red Delicious Apple! Hmm lets see... a good way is to just include a red apple in your lunch for the day.  Maybe when you get hungry and your ready for a snack...reach for a red apple instead of a candy bar.  Bake a yummy apple pie.   


There are around 2,500 varieties of apples are grown in the United States.


The Red Apple or more accurately described as the 'Red Delicious' apple was first discovered in Iowa in 1880. Stark Nurseries is responsible for the name and marketing of this wonderful fruit and for over 100 years people have been enjoying this type of apple and when most people even say the word apple...the Red Delicious version is what comes to mind.  The red apple has endured competition from other varieties but still remains as relevant as ever as great choice when selecting a apple to eat.  Washington is the top state for producing apples and not matter the rise of other popular types of apples the Red Apple continues to be the single largest type grown in the state.

Interesting Facts

  1. It takes about two pounds of apples make one normal sized pie.
  2. Contrary to popular belief.. the crabapple is the only apple that is native to North America.
  3. The largest apple ever grown weighed 4 pounds.
  4. In Greek mythology, apples are considered magical.
  5. Apple bobbing is a fun traditional game played during Halloween. 


  • December 1st
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