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Father's Day
Happy Father's Day!
Father's Day

When: Third Sunday of June

Where: Worldwide

Traditional Celebration Ideas

Writing a heartfelt message in the form of a greeting card.  Taking your Father to a sporting event. Cooking your Fathers favorite meal.  In Remembrance by placing flowers at a gravesite. 


According to the National Retail Federation, Americans will spend over 16 Billion in 2019.


Today we honor Father's and Fatherhood.  On this day good ole Dad is to be remembered, cherished and loved.  Being a Father can often be overwhelming and the responsibilities that are carried out should not be forgotten. For many years the idea of a day to honor Fathers was met with disdain from stubborn, independent men that thought such recognition was to feminine.  Over fifty years after Mothers were officially recognized for motherhood in the United States and after many suggestions, attempts and informal recognition as a day to celebrate Fathers, the day was finally signed into a permanent national holiday in 1972 by President Richard Nixon.  The Although similar to another popular mens holiday called International Mens Day,  Father's Day is reserved only for those men who have sons and daughters.  As with Mother's day there is some commercialization of the holiday that bring retail stores hundreds of millions of dollars.  Popular gifts given to Fathers include greeting cards, neckties, golf equipment, and socks.  We all know how much the Father has done for the family and today is an opportunity to tell him thanks by giving him a big hug, a call or even the big piece of chicken at dinner time.


Interesting Facts

  1. According to Almost 25 million fathers come from married families while about 2 million are single fathers.
  2.  Although having no children of his own, the often celebrated "Father of our Country" President and Founding Father George Washington adopted two children from wife Martha's first marriage.
  3. Hallmark has reported Father's day as being the 5th most popular holiday for purchasing greeting cards.
  4. Most popular gift for Father's is a tie.
  5. In Thailand Father's Day is also set as the King's birthday.


  • Third Sunday of June
Next Dates:
  • Sun, June 18th (2023)
  • Sun, June 16th (2024)
  • Sun, June 22nd (2025)
  • Sun, June 21st (2026)
  • Sun, June 20th (2027)