Homemade Bread Day
Foods & Beverages
Fresh from the oven!

When: November 17th

Where: United States

Traditional Celebration Ideas

Read a recipe book on how to bake bread and then invite your friends over for a taste test.


Homemade bread is good for about 4 days and is best consumed by then for best taste and quality.  


Hmmm I can already smell that delicious aroma that comes from making your own bread! Bread is prepared by creating dough from water and flour and baking it. It is one of the most popular and recognized foods from around the world, and is also one of the oldest recorded foods eaten by mankind. It was first known in history about 8000 bc in Egypt when the people used to crush grain and then bake it into a bread. Although bread can be very high in carbohydrates, it is often made with extra nutrients, and whole-grain that still have value in a healthy diet.

Interesting Facts

  1. Approximately 12 million loaves of bread are are sold each day.
  2. On average each American will consume about 53 pounds of bread this year.
  3. It takes about 20 -25 minutes to bake homemade bread.
  4. Sprouted whole grain bread is said to be among the most healthiest choices of bread.
  5. 190 degrees F. is said to be the ideal temperature for baking homemade bread. 


  • November 17th
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