Humiliation Day
Special Interest
Please Don't Embarrass Me!

When: January 3rd

Where: United States

Traditional Celebration Ideas

Today should give people an opportunity to put a little more thought behind their actions and understand the implications of making fun of somebody.  This could be a great day to stand up for someone that is be humiliated for example, because we have all been there and have felt the this type of pain.


One of the most humiliating losses in the history of the National Hockey League happened in 1944 when the Detroit Red Wings defeated the New York Rangers 15-0.


Technically,humiliation is described as an unpleasant reaction thats brought on by feeling your public image has been reduced or belittled. It's the absence of pride and self worth.  We have all suffered bullying to some degree as youths and often there are lasting effects that carry on into adulthood from continued abuse or humiliation by ones peers.  People that are able to grow thicker skin as they say, can actually benefit from humiliation by learning from the event and elevating their courage levels as a result.  Not all people emerge from humiliating situations as strong, for example some people that suffer from severe humiliation experience eventual major depression that if left unchecked can even lead to more dangerous behavior and suicidal thoughts.  If the humiliation event is severe enough, a person could even experience they same type of post-traumatic stress disorders experienced by veterans of war. 

Interesting Facts

  1. If you choose to blame yourself for bad things that happen outside your control, you’re probably suffering from shame.
  2. Shameful people project there shame on others and often try to humiliate them. People try to escape their own shame by judging others.
  3. Experiencing public humiliation can feel even more dire for leaders who like to portray they have it all together. But in truth,
    humiliation can be a powerful tool for growth, and lead to an increase ones own courage.
  4. When there audience laughter present during your humiliation, the intensity of your feelings increases exponentially.
  5. Humiliation is a negative emotion.


  • January 3rd
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