International Coffee Day
Foods & Beverages
But First Coffee!

When: September 29th

Where: Worldwide

Traditional Celebration Ideas

Visit your local coffee shop and try a cup of joe.  Many coffee shops offer free coffee or promotional discounts on this day. Try Iced coffee instead of preparing it hot. Try a coffee that have beans from another country. Explore coffee flavored ice cream


According to Finland leads the world in coffee consumption per person at 26 pounds per person annually.


Its difficult to pinpoint the actual or official origin of coffee, as there are many stories from all over the world that desire the credit for the creating one of the worlds most popular beverages.  One legend has it that a goat farmer in Ethiopia noticed that his goats had much more energy after consuming certain berries and decided to make a drink from the berries.  Today coffee is probably second to tea in popularity worldwide.  In United States for example there are many cafes that offer coffee made from beans that originate from all over the world.  Depending on someones preference to flavor, there is a cult following in regard to a coffee's origin. Some people believe coffee made from Colombian beans is superior, others prefer Ethiopian, Hawaiian, Brazilian, or Indonesian. Scandinavian countries tend to consume the most coffee among all nations worldwide.

Interesting Facts

  1. Kopi luwak or Civet Coffee is among the worlds most expensive coffee at upwards of $600-$700 per kilogram.  The process is also unlike that of most other coffees, having been created from the feces of Asian Palm Civets found in Indonesia. So strangely enough some of the most desirable coffee actually comes from poop.
  2. The world's highest caffeine content in coffee is the Black Label by Devil Mountain.  The coffee has over 1,500 milligrams of caffeine per serving.
  3. Nitro cold brew coffee is a cold brew coffee charged with nitrogen to give it a rich, creamy head of foam.
  4. McDonalds sells more coffee than any other restaurant or cafe per year in the USA.
  5. Brazil is currently the worlds largest coffee producer.


  • September 29th
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