International Monkey Day
People say we monkey around....

When: December 14th

Where: United States

Traditional Celebration Ideas

Go to the zoo and see the Monkey exhibit. Watch the movie Planet of the Apes.  Listen to the rock band Monkees.  Get creative and dray a picture of a monkey.


There are over 260 different kinds of monkeys. 


The first monkey discovered was found in the fossil era dating around 50-55 million years ago.  We all have a certain memory when the word monkey is said...maybe curious George comes to mind or even the little monkey from the movie Raiders of the Lost Ark...but monkeys are one of the most interesting and entertaining animals in the animal kingdom.  Monkey's have unique relationships with humans, sometimes people even keep them as pets. Unfortunately they may be also killed in monkey drives when they become a nuisance to farmers.  In some places such as South Africa, some species cause extensive agriculture damage. This tends to hamper the conservation efforts of endangered species. In most parts of the word however the monkey is viewed more for being playing and mischievous ways. Monkeys have also been used by NASA in preliminary efforts of space exploration.  The monkey is also a very popular commercially when animals are used in branding of products  

Interesting Facts

  1. Like humans, monkeys have two hands and two feet.
  2. Groups of monkeys are known as 'tribes', 'troops' or 'missions'.
  3. Monkey's use leaves to scoop up water to drink.
  4. Zoologists say that throwing feces is a defense mechanism and Monkeys do it when angry.
  5. Monkeys are really scared of big dogs.


  • December 14th
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