Kite Flying Day
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Go Fly a Kite!

When: February 8th

Where: United States

Traditional Celebration Ideas

Flying a kite is an activity that everybody should try at least once.  Strangely enough, February might still be a bit cold in some parts of the United States, but if you can feel the wind at your back or hear the tree leaves bristling.. it could be a great day to learn how to fly a kite.


The record for highest flight of a kite ever achieved, was an astonishing 16,009 ft.


No one knows exactly when and who invented the kite but we do know from written accounts, that kite flying was a popular activity of the famed Chinese general Han Hsin, of the Han Dynasty in 206 A.D.  Kites were among many items brought to Europe by Marco Polo near the end of the 13th Century.  Kites have been in history not only for entertainment purposes but also for weather reporting, military exercises and even fishing.  The importance of kites in helping humans achieve things not previously thought possible are numerous in history, for example, in 1752, Benjamin Franklin wrote about a kite experiment in order to prove that lightning was caused by electricity.  Instrumental in the origin of flight, the Wright Brothers tested their flying-machine as a kite before successfully flying it as the first manned airplane in 1903.  Even in todays modern world, kites continue to play an important role in technological innovations such as the underwater kites being developed to harvest renewable power from water flow. 

Interesting Facts

  1. The kite business in the United States is flying high, approximately 50 million kites are sold in the USA each year.
  2. The smallest kite to ever take flight measures 5 mm tall.
  3. The most kites ever flown on a single line is 11,284.
  4. The fastest kite ever reached speeds over 120 mph
  5. Yes Kite fighting is a thing, there are 78 rules in kite fighting in Thailand.


  • February 8th
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