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Make a Hat Day
Special Interest
My Hat's Off to You!
Make a Hat Day

When: September 15th

Where: United States

Traditional Celebration Ideas

Americans have a love for hats and today is a day to try and make your own hat.  There are so many varieties and styles of hats, you could try to make a cowboy hat or a baseball style hat.  Depending your your style, and the available materials you have at your disposal, will help determine the best type of hat for you to try and make.


About 17 million Cowboy style hats are made each year.


Hats are a very popular clothing accessory not only in the United States but also around the world. There are so many styles and fashion of hats that cater to different professions as well as overall fashion preferences.  Hats can provide an invaluable utility in protecting people from the harmful effects of the sun and in some hotter climates, people can be seen wearing hats as preferred daily wardrobe accessory.  One of the more identifiable style of hats in the U.S. is the Cowboy Hat. This hat is an iconic representation of the western culture and staple of the North American Cowboy profession.  Today's modern cowboy hats are mostly made of fur type felt, or straw and come with a tall, rounded crown and a wide flat style brim. When polling a good number of today's working cowboys, they have said that the "Resistol" cowboy hat is the one of the most preffered.

Interesting Facts

  1. Each year over 43 baseball hats are sold in the U.S.
  2. For the affluent cowboy,  there is the $5000 dollar Stetson made "Diamante" hat, made from high-grade beaver and chinchilla fur
  3. A typical Make America Great Again hat signed by Donald Trump sells for an average of $225.
  4. Odilon Ozare's in Tampa, Florida (15 ft 9 in) tall hat and its said to be the worlds biggest hat.
  5. One of the earliest known example of a hat being worn by a person was from "Ötzi" a man whose body  was found frozen in a mountain between Austria and Italy, where he had been since around 3250 BC.


  • September 15th
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