National Brownie Day
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Warm and Delicious!

When: December 1st

Where: United States

Traditional Celebration Ideas

One of the best ways to spend the afternoon is waiting on the hot delicious brownies you have been baking to emerge from the oven.  Baking brownies provides a good way to celebrate quality time with family and enjoy something everyone can appreciate


It's estimated that over 2 billion brownies are consumed in the United States each year.


The brownie was first thought of and baked in the United States around the end of the 1800's.  A brownie is usually identified as a square or rectangular chocolate baked cake or cookie like pastry.  There are many varieties and forms such as thick fudge style or more like the texture of a cake. People often include nuts, frosting, chocolate chips, and numerous other toppings.  One popular version is made from brown sugar and vanilla instead of chocolate, and is called a blondie. 
Usually brownies are eaten by hand,  and often accompanied by milk, served warm with ice cream with a nice scoop of whipped cream on top.  If you visit any coffee shop in America, theres a good chance there will be some brownies for sale near the cash register. It's one of the most popular sweet snacks, and pairs very well with milk or coffee.  In recent years cannabis enthusiasts have been rejoicing at the fact that many states are now legalizing cannabis infused foods known as edibles and one of the most popular edible forms is the brownie.

Interesting Facts

  1. Keep it simple stupid. The classic brownie recipe has only 5 ingredients.
  2. Brownies are considered a comfort food and often consumed to remind someone of nice life event or time.
  3. The youngest group of girls in the girls scout program are called Brownies and were named after  "The Brownies" by Juliana Horatia Ewing.
  4. Bertha Palmer is often given credit in the history of the brownie after requesting a special dessert for the ladies attending the Chicago 1893 World Fair.
  5. To raise money for the victims families of the world trade center bombing, chefs created a 3,000 lb brownie to make it the worlds largest. 


  • December 1st
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