National Button Day
Special Interest
You better button that up!

When: November 16th

Where: United States

Traditional Celebration Ideas

Watch the movie Benjamin Button.  Ask your grandmother to sew you a sweater with your favorite style buttons. Design your own custom button you can wear proudly.... too many pieces of flare?.. I don't think so!


In the world of fashion most three button suits have gone out of style and most modern suit jackets have 2 buttons.


The national button society officially started to recognize the art and appreciation of collecting buttons in 1938.  In the old days, kids used to collect and play a variety of games with buttons...sadly these days more digital distractions entertain our children rather than the creative imaginations needed to make games with different size and shaped buttons. Archeologists often find buttons made of rock, and other natural substances are uncovered during excavations.  Long after the material of clothing has been returned to the earth, stone buttons can tell a tale of style of years gone by.  Luxury shirt designers and makers of fine clothing apparel these days, will usually include a spare button or two with the purchase of a pair of pants or shirt, in case a button is accidentally torn off and lost.

Interesting Facts

  1. One of the most famous buttons recognized worldwide is the yellow smiley button.  It was thought of in 1963 by a graphic designer named Harvey Ball in Massachusetts when he was commissioned by the State Mutual Life Assurance Company to help boost morale for employees.
  2. The record for how many times can button be pressed in a second was set in the 1980s,  at16 times per second by Japanese  gamer, Toshiyuki Takahashi.
  3. It took about 5 hours each day to put the make up on Brad Pitt in the movie Benjamin Button
  4. The curved shell type of button were originally used as ornaments instead of as fasteners. It wasn't until the around the 13th century when buttons came with buttonholes and were used to keep clothing closed.
  5. The oldest know button was found in Pakistan and thought to date back as far as 3000 bc.


  • November 16th
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