National Chili Day
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The annual chili cook-off trophy goes to....

When: February 25th

Where: United States

Traditional Celebration Ideas

Try a nice piping hot bowl of chili tonight for dinner.  To mix things up, and if you have never tried it...prepare a frito chili pie, which consists of a bowl of hot chili, frito chips, shredded cheese, and jalapeños.  Find out where and when the next local chili cook-off or annual chili competition is and put the date on your calendar to attend.


A standard serving bowl of chili contains about 256 calories.


Chili Con Carne or what most people now refer to as just "Chili" as been a favorite comfort food for many years in the United States. Chili even has some die hard fans that put together annual competitions that are often referred to as "chili cook-offs." People are always trying new and creative ingredients to come up with a unique flavor that will tickle the taste buds of the judges in order to secure a win at these annual competitions.  There are many notable variations of chili including Texas style, Cincinnati style, and New Mexican Chile Verde. For the numerous and passionate fans of chili, there is even an organization that was formed in 1967 to foster the spirit and help organize chili events called the International Chili Society.  The society has not only further escalated peoples affection for the often spicy dish, but also has been instrumental in raising millions of dollars in charity donations during chili cook-offs.

Interesting Facts

  1. There are over 25 types of chili peppers.
  2. Beans aren't typically allowed in Texas style chili cook offs because its said that the judges are trying to determine a taste, and beans are too dominant of a flavor to determine the pure taste of chili.
  3. Terlingua, Texas. is known to host the largest of all chili cook-offs.
  4. In 2020 most chili cook-offs went virtual for the first time because of the covid-19 pandemic.
  5. Chili is actually proclaimed as the state food of Texas.


  • February 25th
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