National Crayon Day
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Everything looks better when written Crayon!

When: March 28th

Where: United States

Traditional Celebration Ideas

Remember the days gone by when you used to draw with crayons as a small child.  Today offers a great opportunity to find lost art you have created long ago with a crayons, or if you have children now, ask to see their latest crayon creations.  Your never too old to use crayons, and for a quick and simple art project, few tools offer the ease of creating a unique masterpiece like the use of a colorful crayon.


The Crayola company has created 120 different Crayola Crayon colors and they can all be found in the larger box.


The use of crayon as a writing tool goes back thousands of years.  Even in the days of the Roman Empire, a beeswax mixed with a color pigment was used to record writing and images.  In the United States history of crayon creation, hundreds of companies have tried to succeed in the industry but only a handful exist today. Crayola continues to own the majority of the market share in the United States and is one the last surviving companies from over 300 crayon manufacturers throughout the world that have tried to produce and build a business producing and selling crayons. Two of the most famous artists in history to use crayons in their artistic creations include French artists, Francois Clouet and Nicholas L'agneau.  Today most people in the USA identify with crayons as something that children can use to express themselves or create art, or learn to create, draw and write. Crayons are vibrant and beautiful and nice instrument in the world of education and art.

Interesting Facts

  1. The first crayon color created by Binney and Smith was Black.
  2. Although not recommended, if a crayon is eaten, and a sick stomach follows, its generally safe and not necessary for medical care.
  3. The rarest crayon color is said to be named the "C-Rex" color from 2003.
  4. Some children identify the peach colored crayon as "skin" color.
  5. To repair a broken crayon, it is possible to melt with a hair dryer and mend back together.


  • March 28th
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