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National Dance Day
Arts & Entertainment
All she want's to do is dance!
National Dance Day

When: September 19th

Where: United States

Traditional Celebration Ideas

Dancing is such a good activity and can be enjoyed at anytime.  Today you can choose the style of dance you most prefer, or you can just move your hips, feet and head in a swaying motion, don't worry because there really is no official designation of how to dance, so do your thing. If there is a birthday or anniversary today of someone you know, suggest or lead the celebration in dance.


Pasillas is contemporary dance trio that won the 4th season of the NBC show “World of Dance” and the $1 million dollar prize.


There is no way of really knowing what year, who and exactly when the first dance was performed by humans.  In ancient times as well as today, dancing is a common way to celebrate an occasion or simply an activity that many people enjoy doing together as a leisurely activity. Some people take dancing very seriously and different styles of dance have many competitions. Salsa for example, usually has a couple that dance together while dressed up in beautiful attire and are judged by their dance routine originality and adherence to the style of dance they are performing.  These salsa competitions are often held at Salsa Congress which is a multi day event that showcases, teaches and holds salsa dancing contests. Cultures all over the world have different celebratory styles of dance and different traditional style clothing to honor a culture or heritage.  In the United States television dance competitions shows such as "Dancing with the Stars" are very popular and have millions of viewers.

Interesting Facts

  1. Gregory Hines and Fred Astaire are two of the most notable and famous American Dancers.
  2. Mikhail Baryshnikov is arguably the most famous ballet dancer of all time.
  3. Michael Jackson is one of the most successful American pop culture musicians and prolific dancers.
  4. After a touchdown is made in North American style football, it is often customary for the athlete to do a small token dance.
  5. One of the most famous dancers in the art of "Break Dancing" is called crazy legs or by his real name Richard Colón.


  • September 19th
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