National Flashlight Day
Special Interest
Let the light lead the way!

When: December 21st

Where: United States

Traditional Celebration Ideas

Think about all the places you need to have an emergency flashlight in your life and then make sure you have a good flashlight with batteries just in case you get stranded along side the road, or your electricity goes out in your home or office.


Such a valuable work tool! In the United States the value of flashlights used by the Military and Law Enforcement agencies,  approximately $170 million.


Most flashlights are held in the palm of the hand but there are also many other useful flashlight applications too.  Some other types include helmet-mounted flashlights that work well for climbers, hikers, and miners leaving the hands free to handle rope or other work related equipment. Some flashlights can be used underwater or in flammable atmospheres. Flashlights are used as a light source when in a place without electrical outlets, during power outages or when light is needed in a place where a wired lamp is difficult to use, for example, behind or underneath heavy furniture or when servicing appliances.  The invention of the the first battery-powered flashlights is estimated to be around 1899.  Since that time technology has come a long way and the modern flashlights of today use mostly light-emitting diodes and run on highly capable rechargeable batteries. For emergency situations some manufactures make flashlights that are powered by turning a crank to generate enough energy to power the light instead of worrying about battery juice.  Also solar panels have been integrated to recharge the battery and offer a great alternative to batteries.

Interesting Facts

  1. In the UK they call a flashlight a torch.
  2. The basic components of a flashlight are: a switch, a battery, a reflector, a transparent cover, and a light bulb.
  3. The Torch Flashlight from Wicked Lasers, holds the title as “the world's brightest and most powerful flashlight,” It's so bright and hot, it can cook an egg.
  4. Why is it called a Flashlight in United States?  The first flashlights were powered by zinc-carbon batteries, which could not provide a steady electric current and required to be turned off for a little while to continue working properly and could only be used in brief flashes.
  5. An advantage of an LED style flashlight is not heat is emitted.


  • December 21st
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