National Garlic Day
Foods & Beverages
Nobody likes Garlic Breath!

When: April 19th

Where: United States

Traditional Celebration Ideas

Maybe not the most popular food type, Garlic is usually either very much loved or very much loathed. The easiest and probably the most popular way that people enjoy Garlic in the United States is by eating Garlic bread with and Italian style dinner. Maybe not the most recognized vitamins, starting to add Garlic pills to your daily vitamin intake can be a welcomed addition to promote your hearts health. 


The current average price for a pound of premium garlic in 2021 is at $15.70.


Garlic is in the onion genus, and other close relatives include the, shallot, leek, and chive.  The garlic is primarily native to Central Asia and northeastern Iran and has long been used as seasoning for thousands of  years worldwide. In ancient times, Egyptians used garlic as a food flavoring and for traditional medicine. Famously in folklore around the world, garlic is regarded as a force for good.  Specifically in Europe, people have used garlic for protection from vampires. To ward off vampires, garlic could be worn, hung in windows. Garlic bread historically comes from bruschetta, which first appeared in Italy around the 15th century, and can even be traced back to Ancient Rome.  Eating garlic is also known to cause some of the worst breath, and is to be avoided on date nights.

Interesting Facts

  1. China produces some 80% of the world's supply of garlic.
  2. The word garlic comes from Old English, garlēac, meaning gar or spear and leek, so together known as a 'spear-shaped leek'.
  3. Garlic is very easy to grow and can be cultivated all year in milder climates.
  4. Garlic plants are usually sturdy and healthy and not affected by very many diseases or insects.
  5. The Garlic world production is around 30 million tonnes, with China production about 78% of the worlds total.


  • April 19th
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