National Margarita Day
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Your Top Shelf Margarita Please!

When: February 22nd

Where: United States

Traditional Celebration Ideas

Sounds like Mexican food is on the menu for tonights dinner in order to properly compliment your choice margarita of the evening. If you have the tequila and the two other necessary ingredients, ( cointreau and lime juice ) you could try your bartending hand and make your own margarita tonight.  


A pitcher of margaritas will last, if covered in the refrigerator  about 3 days.


In days of old, the United States went through a period of prohibition where people had to break the law in order to consume alcoholic drinks.  If your style is more of a law abiding citizen rather than Al Capone, then one popular option was to travel south of the border to Mexico to get your fix.  Around the mid 1930's a U.S. newsman had a delicious tequila laden drink while visiting the town of Tijuana, Mexico and some say that when he returned to home he spread the word about what would eventually be called the Margarita cocktail.  There really is only 3 simple ingredients needed to make a basic margarita and that is Tequila, Cointreau,  and Lime Juice.  Some people credit a Dallas, Texas socialite for help making the drink so popular, after serving the drink to guests visiting here vacation home in Acupulco, Mexico.  Today no mater if you prefer to have a margarita prepared on the rocks or frozen, there is no denying it's popularity as the go to leisurely alcoholic cocktail beverage in the U.S.

Interesting Facts

  1. The most popular cocktail in America award goes guessed it...The Margarita.
  2. Margarita means Daisy in Espanol.
  3. A margarita made with vodka instead of tequila is called a kamikaze.
  4. Have it your way... the margarita is one of the most customizable cocktails with Fruit, Spice, Tangy, and even Herbal variations.
  5. Sweet and Sour...Salt is actually used to enhance and bring out the sweet flavor margarita.


  • February 22nd
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