National Pig Day
This little piggy....

When: March 1st

Where: United States

Traditional Celebration Ideas

Watch one of the fun movies that feature a pig, such as Charlotte's Web, or Babe.  Although maybe not the most ideal way to celebrate... you could decide not to make your bed, wash your dishes, or even bathe today (basically live like a pig).  Another less than ideal but maybe appropriate way to celebrate the day is to eat so much food at dinner that you get accused by other members of your family of being like a pig.


Wild hogs are probably the most destructive species of animals in the United States, it is estimated that between 2 and 6 million of the animals are tearing up land and crops in over 39 states, most notably in Texas where they do an over 500 million dollars worth of damage each year. 


There are over a billion pigs roaming the earth at any given time, making the pig one of the most numbered large mammals in the world. Pigs, being omnivores and can and do consume a wide variety of food and often eat things that most other animals and humans find extremely disgusting. Because pigs are so similar to the make up of a human body, they are frequently used for human medical research and experiments.  Even though most pigs are notorious for being sloppy, rowdy and disgusting animals some types of pigs especially miniature pigs are often kept as pets. 

Interesting Facts

  1. A Sow, is the word for a female pig.
  2. The world record for heaviest pig, was a pig named "big bill" and weighed 2,552 lbs.
  3. A razorback is a term for a wild boar or feral pig and is also the official mascot for the University of Arkansas.
  4. Wild pigs can be extremely dangerous and in 2019, a woman was killed by a herd of wild pigs in Texas.
  5. Scary as it may sound, pigs will eat almost anything including humans, as discovered when an Oregon farmer died of a heart attack, fell into the pen and was eaten by the pigs.


  • March 1st
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