National Spaghetti Day
Foods & Beverages
I'll have the spaghetti please!

When: January 4th

Where: United States

Traditional Celebration Ideas

Make spaghetti for dinner and maybe try a new type of sausage to make the meatballs. Take a trip to your favorite Italian restaurant and order guessed it....the Spaghetti!


Today, Italy is the number one consumer country for spaghetti eating about 24 kilograms per capita.


One of the most recognizable and popular pasta dishes is traditional spaghetti with meatballs.  Any respectable Italian restaurant should have this pasta dish on the menu, and although there is varying types, the overall appearance should remain about the same. It consist of long strands of noodles with tomato sauce and rounded balls of meat.  Usually the noodles are made from flour, and water, and common complemental ingredients include basil, parmesan, oregano and olive oil.  Spaghetti offers a very hearty meal that should fill up the hungriest of eaters. Spaghetti is numbered by its thickness and the normal size is #5.  The pasta dish provides plenty of carbohydrates, and when prepared with whole wheat grain it provides much more dietary fiber than regular flour.


Interesting Facts

  1. Spaghetti is plural for the Italian word Spaghetto,
  2. The largest bowl of spaghetti comes to us compliments of Buca di Beppo, when the Garden Grove, California restaurant filled a swimming pool with over13,780 pounds of pasta.
  3. Spaghetti Westerns have nothing to do with spaghetti.
  4. Modern Spaghetti in the U.S. usually measures around 10-12 inches per noodle strand.
  5. Some people give the explorer Marco Polo credit for bringing the recipe from China to Italy.



  • January 4th
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