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National Tea Day
Foods & Beverages
Tea Time!
National Tea Day

When: January 12th

Where: United States

Traditional Celebration Ideas

Invite some friends over for some good conversation,hot tea and biscuits. Visit your local cafe and try out a new tea you have never had for the first time.


The worlds most expensive tea is the Da-Hong Pao Tea costing about $1.2 million per kilogram.


Although one of the earliest know records of people consuming tea originates in China around 59 BC, it has also been said that people even earlier than that were drinking it.  Tea is typically made with hot or cold water poured over cured leaves and is know as the worlds most popular drink the entire world. People drink tea for different reasons and on different occasions. In Tibet, people often drink tea for medicinal purposes and in England tea is consumed so regular it's part of the fabric of society or inseparable from British culture.  In the U.K. 63% of citizens drink tea daily.  Tea is often served for guests in many countries and is seen as a staple of welcoming hospitality gestures.  In the United States, especially in the southern most states, sweet tea that is prepared sugar and chilled with ice is one of the most popular beverages.

Interesting Facts

  1. It's estimated global production of tea was exceeds 6 million tonnes.
  2. Among countries producing the most, China leads the world with a 40% market share.
  3. The pyramid style tea bag was first brought to market by the company Lipton.
  4. Black Tea is the worlds most common type of tea, making up about 84% of the types of teas consumed in the world.
  5. Darjeeling tea is considered by many tea drinkers as the champagne of all teas.


  • January 12th
Next Dates:
  • Thu, January 12th (2023)
  • Fri, January 12th (2024)
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  • Mon, January 12th (2026)
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