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National Waffle Day
Foods & Beverages
Live is short...Eat Waffles!
National Waffle Day

When: August 24th

Where: United States

Traditional Celebration Ideas

There are so many ways to enjoy waffles on this day.  If you have never tried chicken with waffles, then lets start there first.  Waffles with ice cream is another must.  Of course you can stick to the normal way most Americans consume waffles and that's with butter and syrup.


There are 2100 Waffle House locations throughout the United States.


People have been making waffles for many years, dating all the way back to Medieval times and they have been called many names in different areas of the world.  Long ago in Greece they were called obelios and made by cooking a mixture of flour, water, milk, and eggs between two hot iron plates. After spreading throughout Europe.. Belgium specifically had a knack for making a style of waffle called the Liege Waffle.  Even today Belgian waffles are known as the best in the world.  If you are fortunate to travel to the capital Brussels, make sure you stop by either the little stand called Vitalgaufre or the famous Maison Dandoy both eateries are known for serving the best Liege and Brussels Waffles in the area.  In the United States most people are very familiar with the popular restaurant chain named Waffle House and then if prepared at home, the Eggo brand of frozen waffles are apart of many American household daily breakfasts. 

Interesting Facts

  1. The first pair of running shoes created by Nike, were inspired by waffles.
  2. Worlds largest Waffle measured 8 Feet long.
  3. Waffle house restaurant chain serves about 145 waffles per minute.
  4. Pass the Mayo...I mean Eggo! The Eggo company founders originally were very successful in creating mayonnaise.
  5. The waffle iron was patented by Cornelius Swarthout in the late 1800's.


  • August 24th
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