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National Watermelon Day
Foods & Beverages
Let's Have a Picnic!
National Watermelon Day

When: August 3rd

Where: United States

Traditional Celebration Ideas

Visit a local farmers market and purchase a watermelon to share with family and friends.  Enjoy a picnic with this delicious summer food.


Approximately 96 countries grow and consume watermelons as a source of food.


In the United States of America people are very fond of watermelons, especially in the summertime.  On any given day in August you can find Americans consuming delicious watermelons at backyard barbecues, picnics, and just relaxing at home with a nice plate of watermelon.  Oddly enough, most people would probably associate watermelons as a fruit, but they are actually considered both fruit and vegetable.  In 2007 Oklahoma even declared watermelon as the state vegetable.  Nearly 70 percent of watermelons are grown in four states ( California, Texas, Florida and Georgia ) with Florida having the distinction of the top producing state with about 4 billion pounds grown each year.  Many cities in the U.S. have watermelon festivals, but the town of Hope, Arkansas  claims the title as showcasing the world's largest watermelons at their annual watermelon festival since 1926.  According to The Guinness Book of World Records, the heaviest watermelon ever weighed in at an astonishing 262 lbs!

Interesting Facts

  1. In Egypt people eat watermelon with feta cheese
  2. People in ancient times used watermelons to drink from and hold fluids.
  3. The first ever watermelon harvest happened about 5,000 years ago in Egypt
  4. The scientific name for watermelon is Citrullus Lanatus of the botanical family Cucurbitaceae.
  5. In 2018 the most watermelon eaten in 30 seconds was 675 grams by André Ortolf of Augsburg, Germany


  • August 3rd
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