New Year's Day
Happy New Years!

When: The day 1 of the year

Where: Worldwide

Traditional Celebration Ideas

Kissing a loved one. New Years Resolutions such as a goal to start going to the gym.  Firework shows.  Dropping the ball in Times Square, New York and counting down the minutes around the world at midnight New Years Eve to usher in the new year.


Over a Billion people worldwide tune it to watch the traditional ball drop in New York City.


The start of the new year is also a federally observed holiday know as New Years Day, and has been officially recognized in the United States since 1885.  Long before then however, people around the world have come together to celebrate new beginnings and he change that a new year will bring.   The most common way to recognize the date is by the Gregorian calendar and is adopted by most countries worldwide although some cultures ( Chinese) celebrate the new year on the first day of the lunar calendar which also gets adjusted every three years.  New Years Eve, is also heavily celebrated and is the precursor to the holiday after the clocks strikes one past midnight.  Some popular traditions include the idea of New Years babies for babies born on the day, and often gifts are given to commemorate the day.  Also its common for people in the United States to make New Years resolutions ( a goal that is expected to be achieved ) over the course of the new year.  I would estimate that more people fail in keeping the resolutions than succeed.  Be careful out there, the News Years celebration is also very popular time for alcohol consumption and according to the The National Safety Council, it is estimated are that over 160 people could die on U.S. roads during the holiday period.

Interesting Facts

  1. It is estimated that every year people consume over 360 glasses of champagne during the New Years Eve and New Years Celebration.
  2. About 50% of the population in the USA makes New Years resolutions.
  3. Julius Caesar ushered in the one of the oldest know New Years celebrations in Rome over 4000 years ago.
  4. Tradition says that if you eat leafy greens such as Spinach, you will have a prosperous year
  5. New York City times square is a popular place to be on New Years, over 1 million people celebrate there every year.


  • The day 1 of the year
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