Peace Corps Day
Work for the World!

When: March 1st

Where: United States

Traditional Celebration Ideas

Learn more about the Peace Corps and what they do around the world by reading books, watching reviews and testimonials from former and current volunteers.  For a funny movie that leans towards showing the Peace Corps volunteer experience, you could watch the classic 1985 Tom Hanks and John Candy movie "Volunteers." 


In recent years the number of volunteers  has reached over 7,000 people that provide services in at least 60 nations.


The Peace Corps was founded in 1961 by John F. Kennedy and considered to be one of his chief accomplishments while serving as President of the United States.  It is officially classified as a volunteer program ran by the U.S. government that usually consist of, but not limited to, college graduates who receive three months of training prior to service abroad.  Typically a normal tour of service last for 2 years.  In a rare move, in March of 2020 the Peace Corps had to evacuate all volunteers from various countries, and return them home due to the global Covid-19 pandemic. The main goal of the organization is to provide international social services as well as economic development assistance.  One of many programs that the Peace Corps has been impactful in, is assisting in the eradication of malaria throughout Africa.

Interesting Facts

  1. Peace Corps has  resources for teachers in the US and abroad to teach in over 100 languages.
  2. The average age of a Peace Corps volunteer is 26
  3. Over 240,000 total Americans have donated their time as volunteers to the Peace Corps.
  4. Former members of the Peace Corps are not allowed to serve in military intelligence capacities for at least 4 years following service in the Peace Corps.
  5. Peace Corps employees have a time limit of 5 years.


  • March 1st
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