Polar Bear Day
Hug a Polar Bear Today!

When: February 27th

Where: United States

Traditional Celebration Ideas

Find the video or transcript of the joke about the Texas Polar Bear hunter that Senator Mitt Romney made famous in 2007 at an Orange County Fundraising Event.  If your thinking about getting a stuffed bear for a child for a gift, think about switching from the typical brown or black bear and opt for a stuffed polar bear instead. Watch movies that feature polar bears such as  "Norm of the North" or "Golden Compass." If your in Antartica, you might be able to take a polar bear sight seeing trip.


Polar Bears are very popular, and after the successful birth of a polar bear named "Knut" at the Berlin Zoo in 2007 attendance numbers rose by 30 percent, which in no small part helped make the year  in its 163-year history.


The Polar Bear is a magnificent animal and among the largest and most intriguing carnivores to witness in the wild. The animals thrive in cold weather, living mostly around the Arctic Circle. After years of unfavorable climate change, the Polar Bear is considered to be a in a vulnerable status.  The animal plays an extremely important part in the native inuit people that live in the cold region. Even though polar bears are born on land, they end up spending most of their life on the sea ice, where they prefer to hunt for seals. As food sources can be difficult to find in harsh conditions,  the bears often live off their fat reserves when there is no sea ice to be found. 

Interesting Facts

  1. Polar Bears are classified as marine mammals.
  2. Uncanny swimming ability, the polar bears can swim continuously for long periods of time.
  3. Extreme hunting of Polar Bears are no longer the primary threat to their existence, it is now the effects of climate change.
  4. Polar Bears actually have black skin.
  5. The largest Polar Bear ever, was discovered in Alaska in 1960 and weighed 2,209 pounds.


  • February 27th
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