Presidents Day
The Presidential Suite please

When: February 15th

Where: United States

Traditional Celebration Ideas

Read about the history of George Washington and other Presidents.  Take a trip to see the Presidential faces carved into the Mount Rushmore in the black hills of S. Dakota.


Including the current sitting President ( Donald J. Trump ) there have been a total of 45 Presidents.


Today we celebrate one of the most respected and recognizable politicians ever in the United States with remembering the birth of one of the founding fathers George Washington. The day is also meant to celebrate all Presidents, past or present. There has never been a woman President or Vice President although several have run unsuccessfully. The official job description of the President of the United States is head of state, leads the executive branch of government and is the Commander in Chief of the U.S. Armed Forces. The office is held for 4 years and a person is not allowed to President longer than 2 terms or 8 total years.  President Grover Cleveland was the only person in American History to serve two non-consecutive terms.  Over the past 100 years, the cost to run a successful campaign and to be elected President has increased substantially.  In 2016 Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton spent just over $1billion dollars on their combined campaigns. The freedom and democracy we enjoy in the United States is one of the best political systems in the world and it all starts with the American President.

Interesting Facts

  1. Elections are held to elect and place a person chosen by the people to run for a government office.
  2. In the history of Presidents there has only been one elected unanimously and that distinction goes to President George Washington.
  3. The President of Russia is rumored to be worth an estimated $40 Billion dollars, making him the wealthiest President in the world.
  4. Sy Sperling, made famous the marketing phrase "I'm not only the Hair Club President but I'm also a client."
  5. The current Presidential state car is a unique Cadillac that introduced in September 2018 and is nicknamed "The Beast."


  • February 15th
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