Saint Patricks Day
Happy St. Patrick's Day!

When: March 17th

Where: Worldwide

Traditional Celebration Ideas

Wearing anything green in color. Eating traditional Irish food corned beef and cabbage.  Drinking Irish beer.


According to Fortune, Over 13 million pints of Guinness beer will be consumed worldwide during the St. Patrick's Day celebration. 


Born around the year 386 A.D.  St. Patrick was a missionary and bishop in Ireland and referred to by people of Irish descent as the apostle of Ireland and is known for helping spread Christianity throughout the country.  Although born in Great Britain, at age 16 he was captured  by pirates and brought to Ireland where he worked tending sheep for a high priest of the pagan sect druidism.  During his six years in captivity he become deeply committed to christianity and the plight of converting the pagan influenced children to Christianity.  After escaping captivity he escaped to France and studied and entered the priesthood under missionary Saint Germain.  Later he was called by the Pope of the time to return to Ireland to help support a small group of Christians living in the area.  This also allowed him to continue to follow his dream and goal of converting pagans and non-believers in Ireland to Christianity.  His life continues to be honored as a holiday every year and is revered by the Irish worldwide.

Interesting Facts

  1. Since 1962 Chicago, Illinois has had the tradition of dyeing the Chicago river green. The tradition was started when members of a local plumbers union poured dye into the river on St. Patricks Day and has continued every year since.  The river stays green for about 24 to 48 hours and is popular tourist attraction during the this time.
  2. During the 19th century Americans often worked 12 hour days seven days a week.
  3. The notion to that people shouldn't wear white clothing after Labor Day originated from when wealthy families returning from vacation would pack away their white summer clothes as they returned back to work and school.
  4. The first labor day parade was held in New York City.
  5. In some countries International Workers Day or May Day are names of holidays that are also meant to honor workers.


  • March 17th
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