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Shark Awareness Day
Is that a shark fin or a dolphin??
Shark Awareness Day

When: July 14th

Where: United States

Traditional Celebration Ideas

In order to respect the power and danger of sharks, a person should read about the safety and precautions needed if swimming in or near waters where sharks have been sighted.  Of course the word shark conjures up many images for most people of the frightening movie "Jaws" and if you haven't seen it is the perfect day to do so.  If Jaws is a bit to real..then you could opt for the hilarious film "Sharknado."


There are about 3,500 great white sharks left in the world.


Being aware of sharks doesn't only mean, watch out for them for your own safety, but also represents the research that goes into protecting the endangered species and what humans can try and do to safely co-exist with them.  Some of the most well know species of sharks, include the tiger shark, blue shark, great white shark, mako shark, thresher shark, and hammerhead shark. Many shark populations are threatened by human activities and since 1970, shark populations have been reduced by 71%, mostly because of overfishing. One of the most menacing creatures in history is the Megalodon, meaning "big tooth",  it is an extinct species of shark that lived about 3 million years ago. Because most of the ancient sharks skeleton is made from cartilage which doesn't preserve well in the fossil record, there is no preserved skeletal example of the animal.

Interesting Facts

  1. Sharks actually have great vision.
  2. There are over 500 species of sharks.
  3. Sharks can hear a fish swimming over one mile away, and can smell one drop of blood in a million drops of water.
  4. Counting the rings on the shark's vertebrae, a person is able to gauge the age of the shark.
  5. Bull sharks are responsible for more unprovoked human deaths than Great White Sharks.


  • July 14th
Next Dates:
  • Fri, July 14th (2023)
  • Sun, July 14th (2024)
  • Mon, July 14th (2025)
  • Tue, July 14th (2026)
  • Wed, July 14th (2027)