Star Wars Day
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May the 4th Be With You!

When: May 4th

Where: United States

Traditional Celebration Ideas

There probably no better way to celebrate the day other than binge watching the Star Wars movies.  Another fun idea, is you could get together with friends that are equally excited fans of the movie and genre and act out your favorite scenes, trade memorabilia and share stories. If your looking for that perfect Christmas gift for a friend or loved one that is a huge Star Wars fan, shopping in May could give you the opportunity to find a highly collectible item for a good price.


Since 1977, spanning 40 years, George Lucas Star Wars films have grossed over $10 Billion worldwide.


George Lucas has created some of the most iconic movies ever to be produced.  The cinematic wonders began in 1977 and started out as a trilogy that included, Star Wars a New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back and The Return of the Jedi.  Later after much commercial success the films turned into an ongoing saga referred to as the "Skywalker Saga" that consisted of a trilogy of trilogies. In 1989, the Library of Congress chose the original Star Wars film for preservation in the U.S. National Film Registry, for being very relevant and culturally significant. Some of the films early actors like Harrison Ford went on to have huge success in other films. George Lucas and Harrison Ford also made another memorable set of films together with the Indiana Jones series.  Star Wars and Lucas Films were acquired by Disney in 2012, which should ensure many years of Star Wars related movies as the saga continues.

Interesting Facts

  1. All 12 Star Wars films had a combined budget of around $1 Billion and have an astounding $10 Billion dollar box office success.
  2. Yoda died at the age of 900 and his body became "one with the Force."
  3. James Earl Jones was the most impactful voice of Darth Vader.
  4. Ralph McQuarrie used samurai armor as the original inspiration for Darth Vader's costume.
  5. Marvel Comics created a 25-issue series called Darth Vader.


  • May 4th
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