Take a Hike Day
Choose the road less traveled

When: November 17th

Where: United States

Traditional Celebration Ideas

Research nearby parks and cool hiking destinations.  Invite your Father, Friend or Family member to join you on a scenic walk. Plan a future summer camping trip and map out exciting hiking trails you would like experience.


The United States has over 60,000 marked hiking trails and growing.  


This is a day to celebrate the outdoors and meet mother nature head on by going on a hiking adventure.  There are hiking trails all over the United States and vary among skill level.  Check local maps or online resources for a list of hiking trails, there is sure to be a hiking trail or path for almost all ages and abilities. Thanks in part to the passing of one of the most important laws to help preserver our treasured lands in the United States, The Great Outdoors Act will surely assist in the efforts to preserve and maintain hiking trails on national lands.  The land and water conservation fund has helped create 1,000 trail projects across the U.S.and with the passing of this law, permanent funding will make sure that all the trail projects will be protected and more trails created across our beautiful country.

Interesting Facts

Currently there is a $22 billion public lands maintenance backlog for our national parks, forests, wildlife refuges, and other treasured lands.

Approximately 44 million people will take to the trails to hike in America this year.

Hiking has been the inspiration for numerous outdoor activities including skiing & snowboarding.

The famous Appalachian Trail has about 2 million visitors each year.

Day hiking is said to have the gained the greatest momentum in adults out of all other outdoor recreational activities.


  • November 17th
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