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Today We Give Thanks!

When: Fourth Thursday of November

Where: United States

Traditional Celebration Ideas

Watching football. Volunteer work such as working in a food kitchen for the homeless. Spending time with family cooking a feast and enjoying eating turkey and of course what would Thanksgiving dinner be without pumpkin pie! 


According to the National Retail Federation the number of Americans shopping from Thanksgiving Day to Cyber Monday increased to about 190 million in 2019.  


In 1621,  in what is present day Plymouth, Massachusetts, Pilgrim Colony Governor William Bradford invited the local native americans to a celebratory feast, to give thanks for the settlers first successful corn harvest.  This wonderful gesture and festivity has become known as Americans first Thanksgiving.  Although celebrated off and on in earlier years, it wasn't until President Ulysses S. Grant signed the holidays act that made Thanksgiving a national holiday.  Aside from the turkey, another common image associated with the holiday is that of the cornucopia.  A cornucopia is usually depicted as horn shaped wicker basket filed with an assortment of fruits and vegetables.  The holiday has since become an annual day for people to express thankfulness for whatever they feel has blessed their lives. According to For Thanksgiving 2019, President Donald J. Trump continued the time-honored tradition (which is marking its 71st year since the ceremony first took place in 1947) of officially pardoning the National Thanksgiving Turkey.  

Interesting Facts

  1. Although widely consumed during feasts on Thanksgiving and also given the fact the holiday is referred to as "Turkey Day" its interesting to know that Turkey was not served during the original three day feast by the Pilgrims and Natives.
  2. According to the National Turkey Federation over 45 million Turkeys were eaten over the Thanksgiving holiday.
  3. Honest Abe aka President Abraham Lincoln proclaimed Thanksgiving a national holiday on October 3, 1863.
  4. Macy's retail store has put on a parade in New York City every Thanksgiving since 1924.
  5. Most of the same types of foods that were consumed during the thankful feasts in the 1600's are still eaten today during Thanksgiving.


  • Fourth Thursday of November
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