Trivia Day
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Is it a dog? No's an airplane?

When: January 4th

Where: United States

Traditional Celebration Ideas

Get a bunch of friends or family members together and play a fun game of trivia.  Find any older trivia games that you might have in the closet and donate to a youth shelter so that other less fortunate people can share in the fun.  Have dinner at a restaurant that has those little handheld trivia games at each table and enjoy a game with your meal.


The trivia game show "Jeopardy" is over 50 years old and averages 25 million viewers weekly. 


Beginning around the 1960s, college students started to gather informally to trade questions and answers about pop culture of the time. The first actual naming recognition for this casual game as "Trivia" came when the newspaper, The Columbia Daily Spectator published the name in a column in1965. The author of the article, Ed Goodgold, also started the first organized "trivia contests". Ed also wrote several books about trivia with fellow trivia enthusiast  Dan Carlinsky, some of which went on to become New York Times bestsellers.  One of the most famous games that eventually found their way into many Americans family homes on game night, was the board game Trivial Pursuit, introduced in1982 and became a huge hit among game players. An example of trivia information: A reservoir in space holds 140 trillion times the amount of water in Earth's oceans.

Interesting Facts

  1. There is a Trivia Hall of Fame and currently Ken Jennings is one of those people that have received the most votes.
  2. More than 100 million copies of the game Trivial Pursuit have been sold.
  3. Trivia Crack is the most downloaded trivia app game for smartphones.
  4. Pat Gibson is currently holds the title has the top quizzer in the world.
  5. Depending on how you customize your board, the most expensive Trivial Pursuit game set costs between $4,000 and $7,000 usd.



  • January 4th
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