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Videos Games Day
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Videos Games Day

When: July 8th

Where: United States

Traditional Celebration Ideas

Go to the arcade with some friends and play a new video game.  Watch a famous video game movie such as Lara Croft: Tomb Raider. Go to the attic or garage and find your dads old Atari and play the original Pac Man.


The most successful distributed video game is Minecraft with over 200,000,000 games sold across multi-platforms.


Video games have been around since 1947, from a CRT display being able to simulate a missile firing at targets, to advance televisions with high refresh rates and computers with incredible graphic cards displaying adventure or sport games in high definition.  The industry and culture have come along way since the days when kids had the Atari 2600, and were playing simple yet fun and addicting games such as Pac Man,  Pitfall and Space Invaders.  Today there is also many different platforms that kids and adults can play their favorite games.  Some people prefer consoles such as the Xbox offered by Microsoft or its main competitor from Sony the Playstation, others prefer elaborate computer gaming setups complete with ultrafast processing speeds and high resolutions monitors.  Also with the technological advances of today and the internet, people can play video games online with other people around the world at the same time.  Video games have also become big business in the form of competitive gaming, complete with tournaments and corporate sponsorships.  Some of the best video game players have even become celebrities among fans of certain games.

Interesting Facts

  1. Tyler Blevins made an estimated $17 million dollars related to playing the popular Fortnite video game and streaming his play.
  2. Skyrim the Elder Scrolls V, is considered the longest video game ever produced.
  3. Currently the Nintendo Switch leads all sales among the highly competitive console wars between Sony Playstation and Microsoft's Xbox.
  4. The Xbox Series X is the most powerful video console on the market.
  5. Pac Man's video game highest score is 3333360.


  • July 8th
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