Sun, Oct 25th, 2020
Looking back on June 2020

by National Days

Half way through the year and so much has already been celebrated. But never fear there is stil more to come. In the northern hemisphere we are heading into summer and the days are getting warmer and longer, which can only mean one thing, more time to celebrate

Hug your cat day

To be honest every day is this for me and many other furbaby parents. Most of the year we have to give them a hug on their terms. Hug Your Cat Day however it is on our terms, well depending on how scratched up you want to get.

Doughnut day

Gotta love a doughnut. This is always a day that I look forward too. One year I might even try to make my own but for the time being I will continue to got to the stop and busy myself some of the bakery counter

Gardening exercise day

Over the past few months I have very much enjoyed all the gardering focused days. And if you have been following along you will have seen how I have been growing vegetables in my garden. I have to say I have been very proud of what has come out of the garden so far..